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There are no formal qualifications required for entry into this program.

Employee/s must be employed within an assessment role that will enable them to evidence the requirements of the qualification

Employee/s should also possess communication skills sufficient to allow them to address the assessment requirements of the qualification

Employee/s need to provide Recognition Of Achievement (ROA) Evidence of abilities and achievements, so that we can assess these against IoSCM requirements.

The evidence should include: 

  •  Copy of CV/Résumé
  •  copies of certificates gained from study, short-courses and seminars attended
  •  a personal statement describing employment experiences and the skills learner have learned

For any requirements not satisfied using these methods Employee/s can get their employer to sign a document or declaration, on the company letterhead, stating the Employee/s competent or skilled in the remaining requirements.

Employee/s will be required to complete the ROA Evidence Sheet by ticking the relevant boxes to show which piece(s) of evidence are used to satisfy each requirement.

Please contact 03- 7804 1808 / 03- 7804 2745 / 03- 7804 1294 / 012-3275911 or email to louis@alphainternational.com.myfor more information on this programs.